Davide Vedovato

Owner/Chief Executive

Davide Vedovato was born in Noale, in the province of Venice, on November 29th, 1976.

In 1994, when he was 18,he started working in the wooden handicrafts and parquet field. He first started working as a tiler,acquiring an inestimable experience and learning about raw materials,and then he became an entrepreneur in the wood flooring realization. He is still working pursuing his passion that is; this Job. A “unique”job, this is how he likes to define it, as it is so artistic and creative thus producing unique and original pieces. This passion gave birth toNoesis, a business that produces every single piece with an accurate selection of trunks, choosing the cut  and the kind of plywood to be used and using a methodic finishing procedure. 

Davide Vedovato’s job is characterized by his 20th experience in the field, the excellent raw materials selection and the design care.These elements are the pillars of Noesis’s objectives and activities. Noesis is now one of the made in Italy production benchmarks.

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