The word Noesis comes from “nonsis” a Greek philosophical concept that means “Knowledge”, this is the keyword to identify the activity and job carried on by this business aimed to purse his objective, that is: to transfer the client our knowledge, our experience and our intuition thanks to many years of training and care in the field which makes an excellent Italian product with a unique design making it the protagonist in any location. We use our main strengths, which characterize and qualify our job to reach our goal. Board 2 layers have the FSC certification both for the hardwood and the plywood that is both for the non-usable part of the axis and the underside part normally made of birch. This is a quality, durability and evenness guarantee for our boards.

Moreover, since ever, our mission is to satisfy our client’s needs and expectations, this is why we give the possibility to personalize treatments according to our client’s tastes. A handmade planning for example can be done in different ways according to the requests of our clients. In the end, our business has a wide variety of supplies that meets our client’s requirements also for the delivery timetable.

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