FSC certification is a specific  international certification for the woody products coming from the forests.

There are two kinds of FSC certifications:

  1. Forestry management: it guarantees that the raw material comes from a forest or a forestry plantation managed in the strict environmentally, economic and social parameters.
  2. Chain of custody certification: it ensures the traceability of the raw materials coming from certified FSC forests and it is fundamental to put the FSC marking on the products.


CE grants the products that display it have passed the quality and security control checks according to the European directives. The marking has to be put on the packaging of the materials put on the market.


The California Air Resource Board (CARB) certification sets quantitative standards for formaldehyde emissions from woodbased materials. Although it is mandatory only in the USA, it is adopted as a reference model by the main producers in the woodfurniture sector.


The VOC certification ensures a low level of emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) harmful to health, released from materials and furniture in buildings


A 100% made in Italy production for Noesis, the new brand of Spazio Legno. The twenty years’ experience in the field, the selection of raw materials and the care in the design have become the cornerstones of Noesis.


Products certified in class Cfl-s1 for reaction to fire, equivalent in the Italian classification to “class 2”. They can be used as floors suitable for buildings or public environments without further certification.


The floors produced by Spazio Legno are the perfect solution for underfloor heating/cooling systems. They are ideal for glued or floating installations.

Certifications List

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