Parquet production and design 100% Made in Italy

We have raised the excellence of parquet production to a higher level. This is thanks to a total dedication to wood, to a careful and respectful selection of the resources offered by Nature, and to meticulous care in design, in compliance with the traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Here creativity and research come together in a unique combination of beauty that characterises all Noesis production: authentic 100% Made in Italy quality.

Wood flooring production: the material comes first.

Noesis engineered wood flooring production is the natural consequence of a careful selection of logs, choice of cut and type of plywood to be used, treated with a methodical finishing process. The famous Noesis 2-layer boards are certified in the noble part and in the plywood, both for the walkable part of the plank and for the section underneath, which is normally birch. Everything stands for guarantee, durability and uniformity throughout our parquet production.


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