The tundra and rock colors enveloped in the wood oak boards of Appennini’s brand, give you the sensation to be plunged in the nature.

The Noesi’s manufacturing knowledge and experience, whose must is to enhance the raw material and the natural beauty can be better identified in a brand which reminds of a landscape and natural environment.

Board 2 Layers

Thickness: 15 mm
Width: 140/190/240 mm
Lenghts: 1000/2400 mm
Thickness hardwood: 4,2 mm

Wood Block 2 Layers

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 140/165 mm
Lenghts: 1000/1800 mm
Thickness hardwood: 3 mm

Herringbone 30°/45°

Thickness: 15 mm
Width: 142 mm
Lenghts: 720 mm
Thickness hardwood: 4,2 mm

• Vento •

Processing: Brushed, Varnish, Painted

• Prado •

Processing: Brushed, Varnish, Natural

• Falasca •

Processing: Hand scraped, Varnish, Decapé

• Montenero •

Processing: Hand Scraped, Brushed, Varnish, Natural

• Fumaiolo •

Processing: Brushed, Varnish, Painted

• Amaro •

Processing: Hand sawn, Varnish, Decapé

• Reale •

Processing: Machine Scraped, Varnish, Brushed, Natural

• Buio •

Processing: Brushed, Varnish, Painted

• Cimone •

Processing: Hand sawn, Brushed, Varnish, Decapé, Hand Painted

• Corno •

Processing: Brushed, Varnish, Decapé

• Titano •

Processing: Hand sawn, Varnish, Unfinished effect

• Petroso •

Processing: Brushed, Varnish, Painted

• Sirente •

Processing: Brushed, Varnish, Painted

n.b. The images of samples are simply demonstrative.

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