With the purchase of our floors you will support us and  FONTANA ONLUS foundation to realize the  NYAHURURU • KENYA EDUCATIONAL PROJECT. 


In fact a small part of every floor that you will purchase will be donated and used to build up an EDUCATIONAL school to save CHILDREN belonging to VULNERABLE AND MARGINATED FAMILIES BY CREATING A STIMULATING, SAFE AND exclusive learning ENVIRONMENT.

Direct beneficiary: 






Schools around the territory

Indirect beneficiaries:


community volunteers




school administrators


parents and teacher associations


people part of the community






The project, which we promote together with Fondazione Fontana onlus, aims to ensure care, assistance and protection for poor children and young people who live in the city of Nyahururu and in the close shanty towns, in Kenya.

In cooperation with the Saint Martin CSA we will offer support to children and young people leaving in the street, rescued from situations of abuse or in a state of protection, children dropped out of school, employed in child labor or forced to early marriages. The support will be ensured by welcoming them in 3 first aid and rehabilitation centers, providing food, covering school and health expenses, and rebuilding counseling spaces. With your contribution we will guarantee school education for 100 disadvantaged girls and boys, we will follow 150 parents from marginalized families and prepare a stimulating, safe and inclusive learning environment in 10 local schools.

The project’s activities are part of a big plan of support and care for children in need which since years Fontana Foundation has been carrying out through its local partner Saint Martin CSA. The system is already organized  with :

  • one centre for the first reception and two for rehabilitation.
  • Counselling, legal support, and social integration for children by facilitating the participation where possible of the child in a family, in the school, in their religious and community life.
  • Raising awareness in the community about children’s rights and in local policies to protect them through the collaboration with local administrations, social services and the police.

The project can rely on  three welcome and rehabilitation centers of the Saint Martin

  • A first reception center (Drop in Center) for children located in the center of Nyahururu. 
  • A Rehabilitation Center for children located in Maina (one of the peripheral shanty towns of Nyahururu). 
  • A rehabilitation center (Saint Rose Center) for girls also located in Maina. 

All three Centers are located near the headquarters of Saint Martin CSA in Nyahururu: the other ones (located in the shanty town of Maina) are just only 3 km away.

Fondazione Fontana Onlus operates in Padova and Trento. It was born in 1998 to pursue aims of social and mutual support by promoting and implementing projects of peace, cooperation and education into the world. It promotes the culture of national and international helps, with a bottom-up approach that starts from the poorest communities. It supports international projects in Kenya, Bosnia and Israel. By statute, it invests 50% of its fund in microcredit institutions: Mandacarù, Banca Etica, Ethical Banking, Cresud, Sidi (International Solidarité pour le developpement et l’investissement). The projects in Italy are World Social Agenda, Participation and Territories, Atlante,  Unimondo portal and the platforms connected to it (News, Guides, Today).

The St. Martin CSA (Catholic Social Apostolate) is an organization very active in Kenya. Its experience started in 1997 by meeting the most vulnerable categories of people within the communities in the area in which it operates. The organization works with a community approach, according to which it is the community itself that takes care of the needs of its members. Its direct objective is not the beneficiaries, but the promotion of solidarity within the community, through the involvement and training of volunteers who can take care of what is most needed. The St. Martin CSA operates in a rural area around Nyahururu (200km north of Nairobi) equal in size to half of the Veneto region. St. Martin’s work is done thanks to a network of over 1,200 volunteers from the communities that live there. These volunteers work at all levels of the organization, including the management and planning of various Programs. The volunteers’ work is supported by a team of around 100 staff members.