Quercia oak

European oak – QUERCUS

The beauty of the European oak tree of ancient origins is priceless. This majestic plant also grows in Italy, especially in the Centre and South, and is cloaked in centuries-old traditions related to its longevity.
In appearance, oak-wood planks present yellowish-brown colours and a considerably robust texture, while to the eye their fibres offer a very different delicacy: each piece is traversed by a veined texture, with warm tones, and is highly impact-resistant yet incredibly elastic. In addition, European oak parquet has a long resisting life combines with an extreme elegance.

Broadleaf tree


300/400 years

The area of spontaneous vegetation of the wood oak covers the mixed deciduous forests of lowlands or hills (below 900 m) in southern Asia, from the Indian peninsula to Laos and Vietnam, Java and smaller islands.




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